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Hon. Claire l'heureux-Dube was about to retire and I offered 700 words on her career and her critics. The Law and Order Judge   (Globe Jun '02)

The Zimbabwe Government systematically will destroy the independence of the judges unless somebody stops it. Zimbabwe   (Globe Feb '01)

The Supreme Court said that a juror does not understand the meaning of reasonable doubt without instruction. I do not buy that. A reasonable doubt about reasonable doubt?   (Globe Nov '00)

TV in the Courtroom? I encourage the adventure. TV in the Courtroom   (Globe Jul '00)

More on the question whether judges should be criticised as 'activist' for interpreting the Charter. Are Judge's Activists?   (Globe)

A comment on the sudden resignation of a Chief Justice. Why Did Chief Justice Williams Retire? (Globe Feb 11 '00)

The problem of crime, and the problem of how to react to crime. Are you a symbolist or a realist? Conditional Sentencing   (Globe Feb 3 '00)

A lawyer called on Justice Michel Bastarache to step down from a case because he was counsel on earlier cases with similar issues. I urged him not to recuse. Recusals   (Globe Nov 24 '99)

The office of Chief Judge Justice should be for a term of years. The Role of Chief Justices   (Globe & Mail - Oct '99)

What is it like to be on the gossip list for consideration for appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada? This has a perennial message. SCC Appointment Process   (Globe Sep '99)

A few words about an old friend. Arbour Appointment   (Globe Jun 14 '99)

Are judges 'activist' and 'power-crazy' when they interpret the Charter, or are they simply doing the job assigned to them by the people of Canada? The Charter-haters love to blame the judges for the Charter. Same-sex Parentage case   (Globe May '99)

After being criticized in a decision by the Supreme Court, Judge John W. McClung of the Alberta Court of appeal fired back in an interview with a newspaper. The response was howls for his removal. Was that fair? McClung Affair   (Globe Mar 11 '99)


Differences that Count (Greenwood, Toronto, 1994) The book is about differences between USA and Canada. My chapter dealt with legal systems. Two Nations Under Law   (1999)


The Maddison Lecture, a public lecture, is sponsored each year in the Yukon to honour Harry Maddison, who for many years was the sole resident Supreme Court Judge in the Yukon. Should Judges Make Law?   (1999)