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Mr. Roger P. Kerans was appointed a Judge: 1970. For the next 10 years, he was a Trial Judge with the District Court and the Queen's Bench in the
province of Alberta. He was elevated to the Court of Appeal of Alberta in 1980, and served on that Court until his retirement from the Bench in 1997. He was also for many years a deputy judge of the Yukon Supreme Court.

Mr. Kerans has conducted three judicial inquiries. He has also been consulted by Europe to do a study of the magistrates in Malawi, and by Canada to assess studies about methods to calculate required judicial manpower. In 2004 he served on a Commission mandated to fix judicial compensation for Yukon Territorial Court judges.

During his 17 years on the Court of Appeal, Mr. Kerans was the author of many well-known and

highly-respected decisions. He wrote several important oil and gas law decisions and, having been appointed to the Court of Appeal just before the advent of the Charter, participated in several famous early Charter cases.

In addition to almost 1,000 published opinions, he has written occasionally for law reviews. One study reported that Mr. Kerans was quoted with approval by the Supreme Court of Canada more often than any other Western Judge. Another said that some of his decisions "have gained currency second only to the Supreme Court of Canada."

In the course of his career as a judge, Mr. Kerans participated in many decisions that have become important precedents in the area of oil & gas law, contract law, and insurance law. In the petrochemical field, these include several decisions now often cited for the rule of law first stated in them. In the contracts field, Mr. Kerans participated in several well-known cases involving construction claims, including the explosion of the Empress Gas Plant as well as the collapse of the
rollercoaster at West Edmonton Mall. He also articulated several rules about contracts that are now widely accepted.

Active in judicial administration throughout his career as a judge, Mr. Kerans was Associate Chief Judge of the District Court of Alberta from 1975 until 1979, when the Court was merged with the Court of Queen's Bench. He established for his court a modem hearing list management system, now used by all Alberta, and many other, courts. His interest in modernization of courts led him to advocate Court mergers and other structural changes. The merger of the Courts in Alberta established a model followed in every Canadian jurisdiction.

A student of the French language for many years, Mr. Kerans passed the official bilingualism examination on July 28th, 1986, and soon afterwards presided at the first appellate hearing in the history of Alberta conducted entirely in French.

Mr. Kerans' interest in judicial administration led him to publish a book, in 1994, entitled Standards of Review Employed by Appellate
Courts (Juriliber), which is the first book-length study of that topic that analyzes both American and Commonwealth cases.

Mr. Kerans taught Charter law, jurisprudence, and court management at judicial seminars for over two decades. He was a founding member of the organizing committee for the Canadian Appellate Judges Seminar, and, for many years, was a director of the Legal Education Society of Alberta. He has lectured to the Bar and the public on a variety of topics. He is now a lecturer at the Law Faculty, University of Victoria, where he teaches Oil and Gas law.

Born in Lashburn, Saskatchewan, Mr. Kerans lived as a youth both in Edmonton and Calgary, as well as Saskatchewan. He took his arts and law at the University of Alberta. In 1975, he was asked to move to Calgary to take up his duties as Associate Chief Judge, after residing for 30 years in Edmonton as a student, lawyer and judge. Prior to his appointment to the Bench, Mr. Kerans practised law in Edmonton for 13 years, latterly with the firm of Ogilvie & Co.